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How to Make French Toast with Smoked Salmon and Poached Egg

GET THE APP & JOIN COMMUNITY http://bit.ly/GetGastroLab A great snack with rich and balanced flavor. It’s so quick and easy that you can cook it for any occasion whether it be unexpected guests or just short lunch. French Toast With Smoked Salmon And Poached Egg Ingredients: 5 slices white bread 3 large eggs 5 slices of smoked salmon 20 ml cream (about 18%) Salt Black pepper 25 ml Olive oil Instructions: Break eggs into a wide, shallow bowl; beat lightly with a fork. Stir in…

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Recipes for Radiance. Ep. 9. Six Ways to Salmon – Round 2~ The Marination Round(1)

This week’s episode of Six Ways to Salmon…ROUND 2 is all about the marinade baby. These final three recipes to round out our Six Ways to Salmon are sure to leave those taste buds dancing. We are using bold, delicious, and simple flavors. The beauty of that is, the salmon does not need to marinade long to reap the benefits of all that goodness. Say goodbye to boring, bland fish, and hello to healthier, delicious ways to spice up your salmon. Here goes, Round 2-…

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Recipes for Radiance Ep. 8 Six Ways to Salmon- Round 1-Half Baked

This week’s episode of Six Ways to Salmon is such a cute dinner idea if you’re having guests over- each can choose a different flavorful piece AND this is also perfect to spice up your lunch or dinner menu if you know you’re going to have some version of a fish for protein. Who says your meals have to be boring? We take the same beautiful piece of salmon and spice it up 6 easy, healthy, delicious ways.

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