Quick & Easy HEALTHY Breakfast Foods for On the Go | Perfect for School:Work

Here’s some DIY Healthy Breakfast food ideas that are Quick & Easy and perfect for School and Work! THUMBS UP if you want to see some Healthy Snack Ideas 🙂

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Hey Hey Y’all!!
I really hope you enjoy this Quick & Easy DIY Healthy Food ideas for Breakfast! I’m totally guilty of skipping breakfast sometimes when I’m in a hurry but with simple & quick meals like this there’s no excuse 🙂
Which one would you eat?


Avocado Smash
Half an Avocado
Ryvita’s (or your choice of bread/ cracker)
Feta Cheese
Sundried tomato
All Purpose Seasoning

Muesli Parfait
Muesli of your choice (mine was home made with oats, almonds &honey)
Natural Greek Yoghurt
Fruit of your choice ( I had Banana, Strawberry & Pineapple)
Chia Seeds
Mason Jar

Egg Cups
1 Egg
Quarter of a cup of Skim Milk
French Onion
Olive Oil Spray
Mini Muffin Trays

Fruit of your choice!
Half an Avocado
Skim Milk (amount will depend on the consistency you like)
Mix & Go (or other blender-like appliance)

As always – sending peace, love & positivity to you all bby gals!!!

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39 thoughts on “Quick & Easy HEALTHY Breakfast Foods for On the Go | Perfect for School:Work”

  1. +Skye Stewart Sorry it wouldn’t let me directly reply to you for some
    reason! But this is my only channel!! I have come across someone (fashion
    tube) stealing a lot of my videos and placed a complaint to youtube but
    they never did anything about it 🙁 so annoying!! Thanks for letting me
    know though 🙂 xxx

  2. @Micah Ariana it still won’t let me reply to you sorry 🙁 But I dip them in
    my mum’s amazing homemade sauce :D

  3. I love how you film, how you edit, how your channel has a variety of types
    of videos! Oh my gosh, your channel is absolutely amazing <3 Keep up the
    good work :)

  4. The egg muffins looked super yummyyy got to try those. I love that you film
    different videos and how you edit them is amazing . And i love the fact
    that you’re not only filming lookbook videos & you’re not stick with only
    one type of videos . That’s what makes yor channel my favorite of all the
    time & especially your edit . xx

  5. Really enjoying watching your videos & I must say, I love your

  6. Love these ideas! I’m definitely going to try the egg cups! Your videos are
    amazing I don’t know why you don’t have 1 million subs yet! <3

  7. I think the entire world knows and is capable of working out how to make
    crushed avocado…and yet its always in every healthy eating blah ever
    made. Well done girls, keep it fresh. 

  8. Hope you guys like these Quick & Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas!! Let me know
    what other types of videos you might like to see 🙂

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    Beginning Boutique’s Channel to enter the GIVEAWAY! Take a look here

  9. It’s so sad, I never really liked avocado but I gave it a try for a bit and
    then they made me sick! So I can’t try the avocado smash or add them to my
    smoothies. But those egg cups looked delicious, although I also shouldn’t
    be eating any dairy because I am allergic 🙁 Still, you made the food look
    super appetizing. 

  10. It all looks so delicious! Which I had more time in the morning to make
    these kind of breakfasts!

  11. Such great ideas Katie!! I have such a sweet tooth its out of control. That
    parfait looks delish! I love fruit smoothies but with a lot of honey :P

  12. I loved this video. I’m definitely going to try out all of these recipes!

  13. I’d like to see healthy related videos on your channel frequently ❤️

  14. Omg, just discovered your channel and I’m absolutely obsessed! You have
    such great style, and I love that all your videos are of interest to me.
    Unlike some style channels that are too mixed with makeup and vlogs, yours
    is the PERFECT combination of everything!
    Keep it up and dont change anything girl. 🙂 

  15. great tip i am defiantly going to try avocado in my smoothie tomorrow 🙂
    i would like to see a what i ate today video or a fitness or yoga routine
    please !

  16. Feeling a little guilty after after 3 cheesecake crepes this morning for
    breakfast … Oh well!!

  17. Absolutely love these ideas! Even though it’s winter still gotta keep the
    bod in shape and the mind active 🙂 Great vid!

  18. I just realised how big you’ve become! I remember when you had like 10 000
    subs! Great work girl. Xx 

  19. I always struggle with trying to come up with good breakfast ideas which
    taste good at the same time! The video helped me so much and I can’t wait
    to try out some of these recipes!

  20. Where did you buy your dress from the last recipe? I looove it! Thank you

  21. ive been adding avocado in my smoothies and juices and you really can’t
    tell its there!and i think that is also really reach in proteins so its a
    win :D

  22. Love your videos so much girly! Definitely trying out the avocado smash!
    Where is your shirt from? its adorable! ♡

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