22 thoughts on “Mexican Lasagna or Corn Tortilla Casserole – Vegetarian”

  1. Nice as always. Almost like a mexican Lasagna. Really a brilliant make
    ahead dish for parties.

  2. Thank you Bhavna for all the wonderful recipes. Recently my hubby and I
    been trying to eat better (no meat). I am going to make this for him next
    week, we love your recipes, I don’t even think he misses eating meat that
    much, which makes me happy : ) the Jelebis are his favorite (I would have
    tried them myself but I am eating low fat, but boy o boy they smelled and
    looked so yummy). hagd and tc

  3. 🙂 já estava com fome…nem almocei hoje…agora então..vendo essa delíca
    ..da vontade de entrar dentro do monitor e mandar ver nessa
    lasagna..hehehehehehehehe..isso se fosse possível.. huuuuuuuuuuuuuum vou
    ficar aqui salivando..tua culpa menina!!!! Kiss Bhavna from Brazil! Adri:)

  4. ~ u r so awesome, thank you for replying. and yes I will be sure to lyk how
    it is, hopefully as good as urs looked : )

  5. Hi bhavna, stopped back by to lyk that I did get the the chance to make
    this recipe (Mexican lasagna), and wow, my hubby absolutely loves it. For
    sure this recipe is a keeper and I will be making it again. tc and hagd : )

  6. Hi Bhavna, i tried ur mexican lasagna recipe, it comes out good but my
    tortillas become chewy can u tell me why? i fried the corn tortillas as i
    saw in ur video but when i arrange the lasagna and bake it in oven it
    becomes chewy.

  7. hi!!! bhavna can u plz give me the recipe of picante sauce or its alternate
    bye tkcr kinjal kinjal

  8. Your making me hungry… I will try this. I like the idea of cooking the
    shells first.

  9. @SuperVeggieDelight Hi! first say i thank u for recepies.u have all
    solution for our querries. u r very intelligent.with job &serving fresh
    food for home.sharing your hobbies with us.upload video klips and updates
    your website with recepies.yaar great job! Once again thanks alot .kinjal

  10. hi bhavna i really love ur cooking….. all your dishes are ful of colours,
    innovative and easy to cook my kids love it can you please give me the
    recipe of pecante sauce or its alternative thanks and keep up the good work
    bye take care kinjal

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