Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Protein Pancakes

*All the ingredients used in this video are organic.

1 TBSP Coconut Oil
1 & 1/2 CUP Flax Seed Multigrain Pancake Mix
1 Egg
Less than a teaspoon of (organic) butter
2 Scoops Vanilla Whey Protein
1 CUP 1% Milk
1 TBSP Flax Seed
1 TBSP Chia Seed

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47 thoughts on “Healthy Breakfast Recipes | Protein Pancakes”

  1. I use 1/3 cup oat bran, 2 tbsp cottage cheese OR greek yoghurt, 2 eggs,
    some baking soda, some salt, a lil stevia, and a splash of milk to get the
    right consistency. They turn out perfect :)

  2. Cook, cook, cook and cook. It seems that you have the imagination to come
    up with some really creative dishes for people that want to live a healthy
    lifestyle. Thanks for showing what food products you use to get in shape i
    will be trying those out myself.

  3. i noticed all the food & ingredients you buy are organic, what about for
    those of us who cant afford organic?

  4. Brett- Can you touch on the benefits of Hemp and hemp milk? I use it ALL
    the time as my protein powder, as my milk, as flour.. I find it trumps the
    rest. Thanks!!!

  5. You could always use a measuring scoop to scoop up the batter to put on the
    pan! That helps make them all the same size/serving and less messy! Aaaaand
    I’m definitely gunna try this!

  6. haha i love that cute cheesy smile after the introoo! your like awkwardly
    adorable ! +Carli Bybel such a lucky gal 🙂 

  7. Any way to make this gluten free and still healthy. Its my biggest problem
    being celiac all the mixes arent that healthy. Any you recommend?

  8. Hi Brett great video! BTW what kind of pan are you using? I am trying to
    get rid of tephlon coated cook ware in my house.

  9. I put oats, egg whites, cinnamon, vanilla extract, vanilla protein powder,
    almond milk half a banana and a little baking powder (so they get
    fluffy) and mix everything in the blender. I cook them with coconut oil
    and I cover them with a little melted chocolate hazelnut butter. Yummm!

  10. Hey just an idea, try making csome breakfast recipes and include chia seed
    and flax seed.

  11. Hi Brett, I heard that to get all the beautiful nutrients of flax seeds you
    have to grind it up into a fine powder and eating flax seed hole doesn’t
    give you any nutrient…also whats the different between white and black
    chia seeds?! great video though!

  12. I love that u use organic. But I’ve recently found out my mom is diabetic
    and some of that stuff she can’t even eat. So can maybe make a video of
    what can people with diabetic eat or a cooking video it would be so
    helpful. Since we found out that my mom was diabetic I wanted to also be
    with her and eat what she has to eat so she won’t feel left out. I have no
    clue what to make or cook 

  13. Hi Brett! First, I want to say thank you for doing this video. I tried a
    whole wheat waffle @IHOP one time and I didn’t care for it. It was SO DRY.
    Since then I’ve stayed away from any pancake or waffle that sounds remotely
    healthy. I know that’s bad but I really hated it. But I’d love to try this
    recipe. Your pancakes looked moist and not dry at all. I want to try that
    syrup you had! Also, I was wondering if you ever do healthy spins on
    Mexican or Italian food like tacos, pizza or pasta dishes. I would
    absolutely love it if you did healthy replications of other foods. Lastly,
    keep up the great work your channel is skyrocketing proud of you, I’ve been
    with you since the start. Well done! A special thank you to Carli for
    introducing you to us. :)

  14. its cool that youre eating organic stuff, but do you have to actually say
    the word ‘organic’ before every single ingredient?

  15. Try this:
    in a blender, instead of pancake mix use oats, instead of pancake mix and
    the other ingredients. Also subsitutue the egg with 1/4 cup of egg whites
    and its more healthy!

  16. Wow I can not wait until tomorrow morning because I am definitely going to
    try this 🙂 +brettcap once again AWESOME VIDEO 🙂 luv ya 

  17. so do you recommend eating prior to working out? i usually workout first
    then eat breakfast but i feel so weak sometimes but i like to eat a big
    breakfast and i find that sometimes it weighs me down during my workouts.
    im on a journey to lose 70 more pounds, ive lost 50 already but im feeling
    kind of burnt out in a way! btw love your vids, theyre really helpful! 🙂 

  18. ORRR use organic eggs and banana.. just add the protein and the seeds if
    desired. Wayy cleaner. -^,

  19. Love these healthy breakfast recipes, I struggle with finding something to
    eat the morning and lol @ the McDs commercial they had on before the video

  20. Would Sugar-Free Syrup be more healthy and better for you or the Organic
    Maple Syrup you used in the video? I use Sugar-Free so I wouldn’t get a
    whole lot of sugar in my daily food intake. I’m not discipline so I tend to
    drown my cakes in syrup lol

  21. Hey brett, I’m curious to know the difference between golden and brown flax
    seeds. Which is better for you? Also, I’ve recently read that our body can
    not digest the flax seeds therefore it’s nutritional value serves no
    purpose. Is this true? Should I grind my flax seeds in a coffee blender
    before use?

  22. I love this idea! My boyfriend and I eat pancakes pretty much every morning
    but they’re always the not so good for you kind…haha. I’m really looking
    to have a more healthy lifestyle but would never want to give up pancakes!
    (I mean, let’s be real). I do have a question though… My boyfriend has 2
    kids (4 and 3) so it makes it difficult for us to eat healthy because we
    are always reaching for the fastest thing to eat (pancakes, mac n’ cheese,
    sandwiches) so on, and so forth!! I love this idea, was just curious if
    they are able to eat all the proteins, flax seeds, etc. that we can eat
    that make US healthy! This might be a silly question, but other than his
    kids, I don’t have TOO much experience with healthy diets for children! If
    anyone has any idea, please let me know! 🙂 PS. I’m obsessed with you and +Carli
    Bybel! You both are beautiful, fun loving, and such caring people! Love
    both of your videos SOOOO much!! 

  23. Do u have any recommendations for a iron and fiber meal? I’m deficient in
    both and my energy feels real low I started biking and it’s awesome but I
    get winded too quickly and was told by doc that I need more iron—help
    please with any type of meal!! Thank u
    Luv the pancakes tried they were awesome!!! 

  24. Yumm this looks so good! I will be trying this! Can you do more breakfast

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